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After a few hours of sleep, a six hour drive, and our first (and only) bear encounter, we arrived at the Stony Creek campground!


We promptly set up the tents and kitchen so we could get started on my mom’s signature camping dinner: Gaelbi and daeji-bulgogi with doenjang-jigae and rice (of course).  Most of you are probably thinking, “What the hell did I just try to pronounce?,” but don’t worry worry, translations are coming!  I began batoning some firewood with my trust Ka-Bar while my mom started prepping the stove.

Gaelbi is Korean sweet short rib (beef) that’s become quite popular here in the states.  We cooked it to temperature on a pan and grilled it over the fire for that smoky Korean BBQ finish.Next up is the daeji-bulgogi, or the spicy pork with onions which we put on a pan and cooked on the grill.  

The rice and doenjang-jigae, or Korean soy bean paste soup (not particularly my favorite dish, but what the hey), was ready by the time the meat was cooked so you put it all together with some fresh ass veg and you’ve got Korea Mom’s go-to camping dinner!  The result is a wonderfully balanced dish, the sweet and savory short ribs duke it out with the spiciness of the pork, but the rice and cucumbers quickly settle the temperature so your taste buds can go for more.


The rest of the night included cleaning, changing into warm clothes, and resting for the long day ahead.  You never know who or what could be out in the woods at night so these next few photos are what brought me comfort.