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Saturday started off quite swell; woke up from a comfortable night’s sleep to a hot cup of instant coffee and a small fire.  Once we’d really woken up, I got started on the scrambled eggs and croissants.  Unfortunately, the croissants were a bit flat from transport so we had to make due, BUT breakfast of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon on croissant went well!

We took our time to clean up and started for Buck Rock, a fire lookout station built on top of, you guessed it, a rock.  It overlooks the north side of Sequoia and the beginning of King’s Canyon National Park.


Approximately 17 miles from our Stony Creek campground, Buck Rock was a great morning stretch; a brisk walk from the car to the stairs was followed by a short, very vertical climb to the top.  172 steps later, the lookout provided a beautiful 360° view, including the Western Divide.


After our descent, we stopped at the Hume Lake Christian Camp for a quick lunch.  The great thing about camping and being out in the outdoors is that most average foods end up tasting pretty damn good after trucking around for hours.  A simple burger and chili cheese fries were no exception.

Sigh… then I took a wrong turn so we decided to skip the Grizzly Falls and Boyden Caverns.  I’d been last year, but I wanted my family to see it so *sad face*.  We returned to camp and it was siesta time.

Nap time was followed by dinner time where my mom and I made pasta with meat sauce, sausage, and garlic bread with the finest Merlot California has to offer.

The stars soon filled the night sky and illuminated our campsite.  If you’ve never seen the stars out in the middle of nowhere, you’re missing out on an incredible sight.  The Milky Way was clearly visible as were several satellites and even a few shooting stars.  It was absolutely beautiful.

Everyone soon turned in and I stayed out to watch the fire die out, but about ten minutes after my mom had gone to bed, I heard a noise directly in front of me.  I shined my Fenix E21 and there she was, a lone doe, no more than 10 feet away from me!  Startled me quite a bit and I think she felt the same way because she took off pretty quick into the brush.  Made for a surprising and fun ending to a relaxing day.