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The final day of our trip started early with spicy instant noodles, rice, and fried Spam.  I don’t care what it’s made of, but Spam is delicious, so quit your judging!  The plan for the day was to head down to Crystal Cave for a tour and a final stop at the General Sherman tree so we cleaned up, packed up, and hit the road quick.

We made it down the windy path to Crystal Cave pretty fast (PROTIP: Use lower gears when going downhill!  People always forget that on these mountain roads!), but we missed the sign at the beginning of the turn out that said “TICKETS NOT SOLD HERE, BUY AT X AND Y”.  To our dismay, the attendant at the lot told us they were booked til 1PM and we didn’t want to wait 2 hours for a tour we’d been on years ago.

Got down to the General Sherman Tree.  It was probably just as exciting as the previous sentence.  I’ve seen it three times in the past and the first time was like, “WHOA, THIS THING IS F***** MASSIVE!!!! PICTURE TIME!!!,” but you get over it pretty quick.  It is quite impressive though, the thing is pretty damn huge, so make sure to check it out if you’re in the area.

With that, we made the long way back home.  It was a great getaway from the usually busy schedule I have, with amazing weather (approx. 75°/55° compared to the anticipated 95°+), and pretty damn good food.  The stunning views, crisp mountain air, and the company of my crazy family made for a wonderful weekend adventure.