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I love the AR-15 and I would trust my life with one, but the durability and ruggedness of an AK variant rifle is hard to beat.  It’s a cool, cost-effective, and, dare I say, a quintessential part of any gun enthusiast’s collection.  I’ve never had a single problem with my Century Arms 5.45×39 except for the fact that I only have ONE!  I had bought a Midwest Industries quad rail for it (a great piece of hardware!), but I just couldn’t keep the wood furniture (which we had hand-finished) off the rifle.  The look and feel of the AK is so iconic and I ended up selling the rail.  If I could buy another AK to tacticool out, I would most definitely get another.

Why am I making you read all this?  Because there is a product out there that enhances the AK, in my humble opinion, in terms of speed and ergonomics, without detracting from the traditional, battle hardened, old-world beauty of this rifle.  Introducing, the L.I.N.C.H. AK charging handle by Davis Tactical Solutions (http://lastroundholdopenak47.com/)!  It’s a nonreciprocating charging handle on the left hand side that DOESN’T require any modifications to the rifle!  All you have to do is replace top covers and you’re ready to spit out stinky as hell Russian corrosive ammo.  The handle itself folds forward to prevent any snagging and such.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this product and apparently so are others; the website states that there is a 3-4 week wait because of high volume sales.  I’m ordering one right now before the price goes up ($120 isn’t bad at all for this great piece of kit).  The Military Arm Channel did a fantastic review on the upgrade, which I showed to all of my friends and now we’re all pumped to get our hands on one.  I’ll try to get one soon and tell you how it is in person.  STAY TUNED FOR RANGE TIME.  I’ve been busy with work, school, and the passing of my grandfather, but I’ll be going to the range next week to test out my new Savage Mark II – FVSR, play with the VTAC railed AR, and work some more on my Glock 34, hopefully with new steel targets!

MAC’s review on the L.I.N.C.H.