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Today, I helped my friend finish his two AR builds that he’s been working on for months.  We drove to Riflegear and picked up two Spikes Tactical ST-15 lower receivers, got home, and started putting everything together.  The uppers had been assembled awhile ago so all we did was assemble the lowers.  Didn’t take too long and everything came together well!  Had a little issue with the safety sticking, but that seemed like a simple break-in problem, so no big.  These two bring my AR building total to a whopping six 😛
Every time I work on these rifles I can’t help but think how awesome they are.  The level of customization is unparalleled in firearms; long gone are the days of the simple black rifle.  The AR-15 reigns over tacticool wanna-be ninjas to second-shaving, high speed competitors and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon.  I’m not just an AR fanboy; I’ve shot the Mini-14, AKs, and the Sig 556 extensively, but when you compare price, modularity, and ergonomics, you cannot beat the AR platform.  People argue that the AK is more robust and reliable, and sure, I don’t doubt it’ll function after being shit and stepped on by an elephant, but when in the hell am I going to have that problem as a civilian shooter?  Hell, Team America’s been saving the world for decades and it’s proven itself time and time again.   Anyways, it’s been awhile since I put one together, so I decided to give them a bit of due credit.