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Got a busy week ahead of me, but my Hostage Swinger Target came in the mail over the weekend so I HAD to find time to try it out.  I decided to wake up early and head to the range with a friend to test the target.  Wow.  What a great investment.  Set up was quick and painless, you don’t have to worry about it falling in the wind, and no more worrying about replacing paper.  Also, the feedback is instant; there’s no more taping up holes or debating where your last round hit.  The sound of lead on steel immediately tells me that I’ve hit the target.  If you’re looking into target shooting, paper is the way to go, but for tactical situations and competition, you just can’t beat steel.
Featuring the Glock 34, Gen 3 and the FNP-40
Tribute pic to Nutnfancy 😉 haha
AND… the Squirrel Shooter!
Ended up buying the Savage Mark II FV-SR in .22 for varmint and small game hunting.  Threw on a cheap Barska scope so I could keep it lightweight and fast.  It’s quite a shit piece of glass, but it keeps its zero and cost $20, so I can’t complain.  I absolutely love Savage’s Accutrigger and their prices are always very competitive.  Would’ve been a perfect day to put some rounds on paper and sight it in, but I left the ammo on my desk after I told myself repeatedly, “Don’t forget the .22s, don’t FORGET THE .22S!”  All in all, a great way to start our Tuesday !
Plus, a new addition to the crew, a beautiful future bird retriever!