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With school, work, and trying to get started on my career, it’s been hard finding time to shoot, cook, or go outdoors, but I finally got my chance!  Quail season opened up this weekend so a couple of my friends and I went to the Mojave desert.

We were ready to zap some birds, but we got skunked.  HARD.  Heard one call for about 5 minutes, never laid eyes on a single bird, but it was quite refreshing to get out with good company.  We all enjoyed the camping and nature walks with shotguns!

I have to warn you, though, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT EVER get Flander’s Beef Patties.  Absolutely disgusting.  Sure, you get 16 patties for eight dollars, but it’s NOT WORTH IT.  I’m not a meat snob, but good God, what a waste of cow.  Anyways, night time was great, we had scotch, cigars, and cards.  The down time provided us with a great opportunity to go over the upcoming election, and, more importantly, the California ballot measures.  Overall, good time getting away from the ennui of daily life.  Hopefully the next trip we’ll actually run into some birds!