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Went to the range with a good friend today to show him my methods of drilling with a fighting carbine.  I’ll make sure to have a tutorial on that soon, but for now, just some normal pictures.

Here’s a few of the toys:


Didn’t end up shooting the Savage Hog Hunter, BUT I remembered to bring ammo for the Savage FV-SR!  It isn’t even funny how quiet the Aguila Colibri rounds are.  Hell, standard .22 rounds aren’t even that loud!  I swear, you don’t even realize you’re sending lead down range with these powderless cartridges.  The Aguila SSS (stands for Sniper SubSonic) is pretty quiet as well and actually has some decent range capability compared to the Colibri rounds, which start to fall after about 15 yards.



Taught a lot of fundamentals and practiced a few drills with the AR and it made me think, “Damn, there will never be a point in my life where I will ever have enough ammo (especially now with all the panic buying that’s about to happen).”  I’ll need to dedicate a whole week to go over my carbine.  I love my baby :’)


And finally, a couple impromptu videos from my potato phone of me abusing the hostage swinger target!  First video was a herp derp, my hand depressed the extended magazine release and I failed hard haha.