Gone Camping!


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Well, we’re leaving tomorrow, but I’m starting to pack and go through my check list. Parents wanted to go to Sequoia National Park for the weekend, so it should be fun times despite the near 100 degree weather we’re supposed to have! For anyone who goes shooting or camping frequently, I’d suggest you make a quick “What to Bring” list on your computer so you can double check and not rely on memory. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to pack a pillow, paper towels, or my damn glasses! Anyways, that got me started on a “how to plan a camping trip” page that I’ll post in the near future. Make sure to check back for my follow up post on how it went!


And so it begins…

After years of hiking, camping, shooting, and eating, I’ve finally gotten around to starting a blog about the things my friends and I love to do.  I decided to start this in order to share my personal experiences in the aforementioned activities with other like-minded individuals and also introduce my world to those unfamiliar with it.  I don’t want to portray myself as a master human but hopefully my countless days climbing mountains, sending rounds down range, and making a mess in the kitchen can help readers enjoy doing the random stuff I love.  Just a little sneak peek into what lies ahead: reviews on outdoor gear, firearms, ammo, and things/places to eat!

I’m still getting used to this whole blog thing so bear with me for a bit and I’ll get everything sorted out!  Like I mentioned earlier, I created this thing, but it’s really a conglomerate of information and insight from a close group of friends.  I’ll make sure to introduce the crew and what we’re all about in an upcoming post.  Stay tuned, and remember, “A man’s worth is no greater than his ambitions.” – Marcus Aurelius